Looking For Photoshop Fakes?

Photoshop Fakes are big news. It seems that everyone is wanting to find an image that was Photoshopped. Well…here is some tips to help you find that elusive image. 1. Look for the obvious. Missing arms, legs or other body parts. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how often it is missed. 2. Lighting. This is …

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14 Photoshop Extensions Chart

I have been using Photoshop for some time and still get a little confused when it comes to adding styles, actions, materials and other items. So, I put together this Photoshop Extensions Chart to help anyone who has been in the same situation: Actions = .atn Brushes = .abr Contours = .shc Custom Shapes = .csh Filter Colors = .aco …

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4 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Creative Tablet Light Bulb

Creativity is sometimes a fleeting idea. At times it can be an accidental discovery. I had that happen when driving past a few stores. All of a sudden I had some ideas for new logos for an unrelated business. A fluke, no probably my mind was already looking for a solution and the stores just triggered the response. But there …

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3 Tips to Help You Think Creative

How many times have you thought to yourself “I would like to be able to draw or design like an artist” Well you probably would not want to. Why?  Because you would be better off coming up with your own personal style. Your style defines you and helps you stand out from everyone else. Coming up with a style or …

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Photo Restoration for Heavy Damage

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration has always fascinated me about how they get the image repaired. There are many levels of restoration and a lot of good books and videos out there, but I found this one that I thought you may want to review. It shows photo restoration for a heavily damaged image. Here is the video link I have done some …

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The Best of Creative Package Designs

Fisherman Boots Package

I have seen a lot of creative package designs and have done some myself, but this one tops many others. It is for a pair of rain boots and was created by Igor Mintin. He is a designer with 14 years experience in advertising and graphic design. When I first saw the package I knew it was a great design …

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NAPP & Kelby Training Are Now One!

I have been a part of NAPP for a while and always wanted to use the Kelby Training site, but it was an extra cost. Now to my surprise and many other NAPP members we are! The new name of the organization is Kelby One. Both NAPP and Kelby Training provide the best quality how-to videos for Photoshop, Lightroom and …

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Extracting Flames the Easy Way in Photoshop

Photoshop Flames

Extracting Flames the Easy Way in Photoshop     Add your flame image to Photoshop Step 1: Choose Channel > Select the Red channel in the Channels Panel. Step 2: Click on Red channel and hold while clicking on the Control button. Step 3: You now have a selected object (flame with marching ants). Step 4: Click Control + J …

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100’s of Premium Photoshop Brushes for Free

Free Photoshop Brushes

Premium Photoshop Brushes for FREE! Who doesn’t love getting brushes for their Photoshop projects. I have lots of them and keep adding more when I find ones I like. You can never have too many brushes. Well…Brushlovers has decided to give away brushes that were formally paid for premium ones. That’s right…premium brushes for FREE and there are hundreds of …

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How-To Declutter Your Photoshop Workspace for 2014

Happy New Year 2014! Time to clean up your Photoshop workspace. Working in Photoshop can can clutter your workspace especially if you have a lot of layers and tools for a project. Nick Marzinski has an easy way to set up your workspace by making some simple changes in the interface.  It is much easier to have the workspace set …

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