How to Avoid Burnout and Boost Productivity

CTC Burnout

The one most devastating thing is when a designer experience burnout. This is not only devastating to their business but, social life as well. It is critical that you stay focused and make the job fun and productive. Here are a few ways to ab void burnout and increase productivity: 1. The Morning Starter. Everyone has something that gets them …

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How to Use Value-Based Pricing For Design Projects?

What is the best way to use value-based fees for design projects? What would the “value” be? I see that a lot of designers use time-based pricing (hourly, daily, etc.) Time-based pricing is horrible, for the following reasons: 1.There’s a conflict of interest between you and the client. The longer the work takes, the more you earn and the more …

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7 Ideas to Be More Creative

TCT Freelancer 2

As freelancers we are aware of the things we need to do to be productive. Here are a few we follow to keep ourselves more productive: 1. Your Workspace. Keep it neat and clean. Nothing can be more frustrating then trying to find the paperwork for a project then a cluttered work area. That also included the files on your …

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The Latest Cinegraph Design


Cinegraphs or cinemagraphs (animated GIF styles) are the latest fad for designer’s to create a short version video that doesn’t use up a lot of bandwidth on mobile devices. The concept is to take a long video and shorten it down to run quicker. Of course the most important part is to be sure to make it as interesting or …

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The Latest For Mobile Animated GIF Designs


Animated gif’s are a great way of bringing some action to your website without video that take streaming time depending on the mobile server. We learned that these animations load faster than videos especially on mobile devices. And the best way for us to create one is by using Photoshop. They are really easy to build after you have all …

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Are You Really a Creative Designer?

TCT Brainstorming Meeting

Some say they are creative designers and other are convinced. Which one are you? Today it seems as though anyone can be a designer with the right software. You don’t even need any training of any kind – except the software itself. The days of going to design school or working at an agency to learn the trade are quickly …

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Have a Freelance Business Problem or Question?

  Do you have a problem with a client, need a design critique, business set-up or any freelance/independent worker question? We can answer it quickly to help you move on in your business. Unanswered questions can put unnecessary stress on you and your business. This service is FREE and we don’t need to know anything about the client. Just post …

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NOTICE: Our Site Is Changing

We have decided to alter our site (not the articles since they will stay in our current library) to fit the numerous requests for more information about Independent/Freelance Workers articles and podcasts.  You will see some changes to the site, but they will be for the benefit of all designers and Independent workers. If you have any suggestions or want to …

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Warning: Our HTTPS Connection Has Changed

Top Secret Envelope

In case you noticed a security warning from your browser; we have removed our security certificate because, we no longer get payments to our site. Everything goes directly to our affiliates or Paypal since it is secure and easier to make and take payments. There are no problems with our site, but it will take time for Google to get …

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Warning – Resumes You Will Want to Copy


Everyone in the creative field knows a creative resume/portfolio can open doors instantly while a bad one…well won’t do anything. There are a lot of articles on-line with some good ideas and others with ones that won’t help you get your foot in the door. Today more than ever you need to be very creative to get a director’s attention …

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Check back because I will be posting the continued and definitely interesting story as things develop. Let me know what you think. I like comments and critiques. Thanks, John