Warning…How Do You Really Think as a Designer?


A while ago we did a medical study of a designer’s brain (our John’s in particular) and found some amazing parts. What we thought was steam coming out of his ears after some brainstorming sessions was just that…steam! We decided to take the parts and break them down with the help of a world renown neurosurgeon (she wanted to keep …

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How to Brand Yourself as a Freelancer + How-to Tips

How to Brand Yourself

Branding is an important part of any business and it sets you apart from all the others. So, be sure to get it right and brand yourself just as you . 1. Visuals Let’s start with visuals because it’s the thing most people jump to when the word “brand” is bandied around. Visuals aren’t just limited to your logo, though. …

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Wow – Our New Library of Posts


We have just set-up a page in our menu titled “Posts Library” that has all our posts to date in alphabetical order. So, now you don’t have to search for an article. Just go to the list and find what you need. Hope this makes our site easier to use. The Creative Tablet

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10 Top Industries for Freelancers

As business grows so does freelancing. As a matter of fact freelancing has become crowded. The Freelancers Union did a study and found that by 2020 approximately 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, temporary and contractors. The following information from this comes from FlexJobs a market that connects employers and freelancers. They tracked 50 specific industries fro about …

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ALERT – NASA Needs a Logo Design Now


That’s right…NASA. The one that launches rockets and people into space. Here are the details: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, has established their very own In-Space Manufacturing (ISM) program. NASA and ISM program launched the very first 3D printer into space to be used on the International Space Station (ISS), allowing astronauts to 3D print …

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Wow! Easily Create Your Own Font

Creative Tablet Light Bulb

How many times have you wanted to create a font that fit your personality? How about one in your handwriting? Or just create a weird one? Now you can and it is very simple. How? With My Handwriting Font Creator. Add your handwriting to emails, blog posts or anything. Have you ever wanted to add your signature to an email …

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Get The Nik Collection FREE Today

Nik Collection Logo

Create stunning images faster with the FREE Nik Collction of photographic plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. Google is offering it free to everyone. Add the power of the Nik Collection by Google to your workflow today. It includes: Analog Efex Pro – Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses. Color Efex Pro – A comprehensive …

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