7 Ways to Become a Successful Freelancer

TCT Newspaper

Freelancing is not an easy job even though you may read about some who have been very successful. this comes with a lot of hard work and perseverance. It also depends on how well you prepared before embarking on a freelance life. There are a lot of things to learn about freelancing (and we have covered many), but this post …

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Are You Still Using Ready Made Typefaces?

Creative Tablet Typefaces

Using typefaces on any project can take a lot of decisions and figuring out whether existing ones will work or designing a new one might be better. There are tons of typefaces out there, but like TV not many that are really useful in the long-run. We have gone through hundreds of faces to find the perfect ones and always …

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Don’t Search for Typefaces or Paste Copy


From the headline you are probably wondering what I am writing about. I have been around for a while in the design/advertising industry and seen some very cool new tools for designers. ColorMunki to calibrate is one of them and there are others I can’t think of at the moment that make design work easier and quicker. Anyway this is …

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WOW – Finally An All New Google Fonts

Google Fonts

I guess you may have heard by now…or not, but Google Fonts has been completely re-vamped. I thought it was just going to be a simple change, but this is really helpful when choosing fonts. Normally I would pick one and test it in Photoshop, but now I can do a lot of testing right in the Google site. Here’s …

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Warning…How Do You Really Think as a Designer?


A while ago we did a medical study of a designer’s brain (our John’s in particular) and found some amazing parts. What we thought was steam coming out of his ears after some brainstorming sessions was just that…steam! We decided to take the parts and break them down with the help of a world renown neurosurgeon (she wanted to keep …

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How to Brand Yourself as a Freelancer + How-to Tips

How to Brand Yourself

Branding is an important part of any business and it sets you apart from all the others. So, be sure to get it right and brand yourself just as you . 1. Visuals Let’s start with visuals because it’s the thing most people jump to when the word “brand” is bandied around. Visuals aren’t just limited to your logo, though. …

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Wow – Our New Library of Posts


We have just set-up a page in our menu titled “Posts Library” that has all our posts to date in alphabetical order. So, now you don’t have to search for an article. Just go to the list and find what you need. Hope this makes our site easier to use. The Creative Tablet

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Check back because I will be posting the continued and definitely interesting story as things develop. Let me know what you think. I like comments and critiques. Thanks, John