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Wow! Easily Create Your Own Font

How many times have you wanted to create a font that fit your personality? How about one in your handwriting? Or just create a weird one?

Now you can and it is very simple. How? With My Handwriting Font Creator.

Add your handwriting to emails, blog posts or anything. Have you ever wanted to add your signature to an email and couldn’t get it to work? Now you can get personal. How much more personal than that can you get? Other then being there to write it out.

The process is very simple just follow the indicated steps:

  1. Go to My Script Font


  1. Download the PDF or GIF file. I did it and it is safe.
  2. Print out the stylesheet. you might want to print out several, so you can practice.
  3. Start writing or creating letters in the indicated fields. Remember, practice makes perfect unless you don’t want perfect, so just start making letters.
  4. Scan your design. When scanning, make sure the file is at 150dpi to 300dpi. The maximum file size is 6MB with max dimensions 6500 x 6500px. Make sure to save the file as a jpg, png, pdf, or tiff.
  5. You might want to clean up the scan if necessary and you can do that in PS or AI.  Sometimes scanning can make an image grainy and grey. Change the image to monochrome (Adjustments > Channel Mixer) and play around with the levels (Mac: cmd L / Windows: ctrl L) until you like the results.
  6. Upload you new font design at the website. You have to name it and choose the output format. Whats the difference between the output files?
    TTF (TrueType Font) – Can be used for both Apple and Windows. Great choice, if you have limited experience working with and installing fonts.
    OTF (OpenType Font) – a newer version of TTF. Can be used for both Apple and Windows. Allows type designers more freedom to include small caps, alternate characters and so on.

upload instructions

     7. Install the font on your computer just as you would with any other font. Mac: Open Font Book then File > Add Fonts (cmd + O).  Windows: Click Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts. Click File > Install New Font

         8. Now use it wherever you want. Don’t like it? Create a new one. The limits are only in your creativity and paper supply.

Please let me know what you think about the process and send a sample so I can post it for our viewers.

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