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Why You Need to Compete for Business

Competition is tough these days. It seems that everyone is a designer and everyone is also an expert. But it will come a time when you will have to be smarter and better at what you do and your work will be the shining example.

Today a lot of large agencies are not competing for small accounts and are even loosing large one due to lack of “customer service”. Customer service is something you should get right up front if you want to compete and win.

The agencies that are failing to communicate are giving up business to other agencies /freelancers. How? Simple, by not answering emails or getting back to clients in a timely manner. You need to make clients feel as though they are the most important person in your business and since they are paying they should be.

Be sure to answer and respond to emails in a timely manner and don’t let them slip through the cracks. Answer immediately to show you are on top of your game even early in the morning before work hours.

Another lost client is not responding to proposal requests reasonably quick. It seems as though there are many businesses looking for project quotes that may be time sensitive. So, if you get a proposal respond quickly or at least acknowledge you are working on it instead of waiting to complete it. This way the client knows you are working to get it and not wondering if you even received it.

Do not let the client hesitate or even slightly panic or they will go elsewhere.

Here is where a great personality helps. Clients want to work with people they can relate to or at least have a decent conversation with, so keep your communication skills strong. Believe it or not this is also customer service. Make the client feel special and you will have a strong relationship and remember your work has to be outstanding to keep them coming back.

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