Why You Need a Time Tracking software

At the Creative Tablet Studio works comes in and we need to keep accurate track of time on the job. Each project would have one paper sheet and everyone would pass it along with the job to fill in their own time.

Like the time sheets would get misplaced or someone would forget to fill them in. This was becoming a problem, so we needed to figure out a way for each person to keep track of their own time.

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But this needed to be accurate and without any guessing, so we would be sure to have very accurate records. So, we did some research and found a great and simple desktop software that works great and even gives us a nudge when we stop working at our desk.

The software is called Toggl. It has a free plan and a structured pay plan – plus free depending on your workload and amount of people on the project.

TogglButtonToggl has a timer on your desktop to click when the project starts and stop when you are finished. No more guessing or forgetting to write it down on paper. The results of that time is also posted on Toggl’s website.

You can use it on all mobile devices and it has a ton of features.

FYI: Toggl does not have an affiliate plan, so we get nothing telling you about this. Think of it a one design group helping another to succeed.

Check it out for yourself and see if it fits into your business. Let us know what you think.

The Creative Tablet Staff

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