Warning – Resumes You Will Want to Copy

Everyone in the creative field knows a creative resume/portfolio can open doors instantly while a bad one…well won’t do anything. There are a lot of articles on-line with some good ideas and others with ones that won’t help you get your foot in the door.

Today more than ever you need to be very creative to get a director’s attention and to get it to the right person. Your best bet is to find out who the right person is and send your video or PDF resume directly.

There was a story about someone in the past (far past) that sent a model ship to the agency they wanted to work for with a note “Your ship has come in” inside the box. The agency person sent it back with their note and a hole in the model “Your ship sprung a leak” and figured that was the end, but the designer sent it back with another note “Fixed the leak” and was hired.

That story is about creativity and persistence. The following story shows several resume/portfolios that are very creative.

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