Warning – Do You Want to Succeed As a Freelancer?

This might seem like a crazy question, but it one that you seriously need to answer. some freelancers are doing just enough to get by and existing while others are trying hard and not succeeding. So, what is the problem?

How you conduct yourself and your business.
Are you learning more about potential clients?
Are you working harder on creating the right image for yourself?How about how to set-up your design studio.
Do you think positively about your business?
How are you at competing for freelance business?
Do clients annoy or piss you off?
Having problems getting paid?

About The Freelancers Super Guide Book

The Freelancers Super Guide is a compilation of a lot different freelance design, how-to’s, tips, tricks and explanations of running a freelance design business.

How many times have you had a problem with some aspect of your freelance design business? Here are some questions to consider:

Do you work with clients that are not very cooperative?
Need some great and a lot of helpful marketing advice for your business?
How about tips and ideas to getting new clients?
Do you know the secrets to using color in advertising and design?
Are you creative or do you get stuck trying?
Are you having a hard time with pricing or how to tell a client the cost of a project?
Need some problem-solving tips to guide your business?
Are you making mistakes in your freelancing business and do you know how to fix them?

You will find the answers in this book and a lot more.

H. John Johnsen is a freelance designer and has been in advertising and marketing as an Art Director and Creative Director. He has poured his years of experience into his books to give freelancers laser focus on the real things that will help start for their existing business or for starting a new one.

With this book, you can go to the chapters you need for immediate help and then sharpen your skills in the other chapters at a later date. Take your time and be sure to be laser focused to get the most out of this book. It has over 50 chapters on a wide range of freelancing business subjects and very helpful information for freelancers and business owners that employ freelancers.

Can you go wrong getting this book?

Only if you don’t care about your freelance business success and if you don’t read it.

Check it out here:

Please let us know what you think about this book.

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