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Warning! Creative Block Can Be Avoided

How many times have you worked on a project only to be stopped because you couldn’t think of what to design? Creative block is always the culprit.

Being involved in advertising and marketing for over 20 years has shown me that creative block can be a time waster and project destroyer. Going through many bouts of it I have always tried to figure out ways around, over, under and through it, but never found a sure fire way to fix it quickly.

Looking through books, magazines and web sites only helped me temporarily, but also wasted hours of time trying to get the block busted.   The books never really removed the block quick enough. So after months of thinking, planning and researching I have developed what I feel will keep creative block at bay…anytime needed.

This is not the typical block removal, but a block removal system.

Like I mentioned going through books only give temporary help at the cost of the hours wasted finding the right books that could be used for working on pending projects.  Our system is a quick way to jog your creative juices and get them flowing out of your head and into your work.

And, this is not only for graphic designers, copywriters, creatives, business people, artists and even inventors can easily benefit from using it.

OK…I know you are wondering “What is it?”, but we are working on getting the system together in the final phases to put it on Kickstarter very soon.

I wanted to get the word out about it, so everyone can benefit and share this with their fellow workers, friends and anyone else. In another post I will reveal part of the system which is physical items, not digital or apps, and the best part is that it is very portable and fits into your pocket or backpack.

To keep everyone update we will post a timer at the top of the site in the sidebar. This will countdown the time to posting on Kickstarter, so you can get in and see the actual items.

Please pass this information on the your friends and colleagues.  Thank you.

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