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Warning – Burnout Will End Your Freelance Career

How to Avoid Burnout and Boost Productivity

The one most devastating thing is when a designer experience burnout. This is not only devastating to their business but, social life as well. It is critical that you stay focused and make the job fun and productive. Here are a few ways to ab void burnout and increase productivity:

  1. The Morning Starter. Everyone has something that gets them going in the morning. Some watch the news, others have coffee and yet others go for a morning walk to get their mind focused. Whatever you do you need to keep it going each morning before starting your work day. This is your morning started.
  2. Planning Ahead. This is really easy and if you stick to it you can avoid days that go crazy and are disorganized. The best way is to do it at the end of each day to prepare for the next one. Make a list of the things you have to finish and the ones coming up in the schedule. Having a to-do list is the best way to stay organized but, be sure to do what is on the list and not be distracted. Then cross off each completed task and it will make you feel great about getting things done.
  3. Being Distracted. Many freelancers want to sit down and work like a dog to get the work completed. It is not always the best way to work because it can ultimately burn you out. Have you ever heard the phrase “A candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long”? That should be an indication that you need to take serious breaks to avoid burnout. Go for a walk or to the local coffee shop and don’t bring work with you. This is the time to unwind from the day and it also recharges your brain and thought process. You will find that you feel better and refreshed when going back to work. But if it doesn’t help maybe you are in the wrong business.
  4. Your Time. This is something that is easy to forget. You need to separate your business from your personal life. Sure you have deadlines but, even ad agency people take time off for their personal lives. Try to complete the work during the week and take the weekends off with your family and friends and have fun. Forget about work during this time. This will recharge you for the coming week. If you can’t take Saturday and Sunday off try just one day instead but, always take one day. The constant grind can make your work poor, your mind fuzzy and clients leaving. So keep your routine flexible.

These are just a few suggestions to help you along on your business venture and ideas we have all experience at one time or another. Working so hard can cause burnout and the loose of desire to do great design.

Keep all these things in mind and you will be on your way to a productive and lucrative freelance career.

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