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Each one is on Kindle so you can check them out and decide which one is right for you. Don’t buy it just let us know after you sign-up and we will email the Kindle copy to you. Don’t have a Kindle we can send you a PDF version instead.

Here is the list so you can check them out yourself:


About Hey Freelancer

Are you currently a freelance designer or thinking about starting a freelancing design career?
Are clients giving you a hard time or being difficult?
Having trouble getting paid?
Do you need to be more productive and get more clients?
Not sure about pricing for your projects?
Is your portfolio bringing in clients?

Freelancing work is hard enough without having to deal with a lot of these issues. This book gets into the most important parts of being a freelancing designer by giving you the necessary information to help you move forward, eliminate stress and be successful.

In Hey Freelance you will learn about:

Branding (every business needs to be branded to be successful),
Building your Studio (does your current set-up work efficiently?)
Creative Block (how many times have you got stuck with creating ideas? Get un-stuck now)
Create Compelling Copy (you need people to read about your business and then become clients)
Design Briefs (these keep you from having issues about what you or the client were supposed to do)
Creative Productivity (are you slacking off or wasting time – you need this. We all do.)
Dealing with clients (clients can be nice or not so nice and this will help sort them out)
Logo and Portfolio Design (both of these are necessary for a successful design business)
Pricing Your Work (this is always a very difficult subject that is made easier)

These are all tried and true methods for success, but you can’t learn them until you read this book. And who do you want to learn from? A regular non-freelancer book writer or a seasoned professional that is in the freelance and advertising business?

Get started heading to the top of your field and read this book.


About Wake Up Your Creativity

Are you a design freelancer? Or are you someone who wants to be creative? How many times have you picked up a pencil to create something, but come up with nothing?

Wake Up Your Creativity can help with many different ways to access your creative nature. It is said we are not born creative, but you can become creative with this book. The chapters have many different ways to explore your creative abilities and you may be surprised at how creative you can become.

Have fun with this book. It is not a school textbook, but a book that is very easy to use. Some chapters are short and others are long depending on the techniques included. This is also because a lot of books included unnecessary filler words to grow the page count and make you think you are getting a lot of material. But when you remove the filler words you really have a small book. Filler words are not used in Wake Up your Creativity to get right to the point of each chapter to help you quickly.

In this book you will read creativity how-to’s, tips, tricks and even creativity quotes to build your confidence.

Looking for your creativity or new ways of being creative? Start reading Wake up your Creativity.


About The Freelancers Super Guide Book

The Freelancers Super Guide is a compilation of a lot different freelance design, how-to’s, tips, tricks and explanations of running a freelance design business.

How many times have you had a problem with some aspect of your freelance design business? Here are some questions to consider:

Do you work with clients that are not very cooperative?
Need some great and a lot of helpful marketing advice for your business?
How about tips and ideas to getting new clients?
Do you know the secrets to using color in advertising and design?
Are you creative or do you get stuck trying?
Are you having a hard time with pricing or how to tell a client the cost of a project?
Need some problem solving tips to guide your business?
Are you making mistakes in your freelancing business and do you know how to fix them?

You will find the answers in this book and a lot more.

With this book you can go to the chapters you need for immediate help and then sharpen your skills in the other chapters at a later date. Take your time and be sure to be laser focused to get the most out of this book. It has over 50 chapters on a wide range of freelancing business subjects and very helpful information for freelancers and business owners that employ freelancers.

Can you go wrong getting this book?

Only if you don’t care about your freelance business success and if you don’t read it.


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