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UPDATE – New Free Creativity Courses

We have started to post some of the new creativity courses that will be available to our members for free.

We have posted the information of the ones that will be ready soon and would like to know if you are interested in them or would like to see something different.

The purpose of these courses is to help freelancers/independents achieve more knowledge and be more successful in their businesses. There will be more classes added as they are developed.

You can also find quizzes to help expand your freelance knowledge on our quizzes page. Have fun and remember no one is watching, so don’t worry about the score.

Also, John will be posting podcasts on a regular basis that are about freelancing and business development and you can hear some on our podcast page.

Please comment below if you have thoughts or suggestions for other courses, quizzes or podcasts. Thanks.

The Creative Tablet Staff


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Check back because I will be posting the continued and definitely interesting story as things develop. Let me know what you think. I like comments and critiques. Thanks, John