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The Unbelievable in Photoshop

The Unbelievable in Photoshop.

You are probably wondering what could be so unbelievable?  Simple…John Wilhelm’s photographs.

Just a Loutterfly Wilheim 3 Wilheim 4

John creates some fantastic photography with Photoshop.  I looked at his images and found that the work is great and his subjects (the little girl) have some funny expressions. Not sure if the expression is Photoshopped or real, so I asked him:

1. Are your people Photoshopped? No… almost never… only dodge and burn with the exception of some caricatures

2. Is photography your full-time job?  I’m IT director of a University.

3. How long does it take to complete one photoshopped image? Between 2 and 10 hours… I’d say 4 average.

His daughter’s and wife are in most of his photos.


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