The Latest Cinegraph Design

Cinegraphs or cinemagraphs (animated GIF styles) are the latest fad for designer’s to create a short version video that doesn’t use up a lot of bandwidth on mobile devices. The concept is to take a long video and shorten it down to run quicker.

Of course the most important part is to be sure to make it as interesting or more interesting than the original to attract attention. Some videos are boring and need to be re-designed by adding more impact.

Take the cinegraph below (click on the image for animation):


Originally it was the glass sphere on the rocks with the ocean/lake rolling in to the shoreline. An interesting concept, but not really attention-getting. So, what can you do? Create a cinegraph.

Cinegraphs take out a good part of the video and contain it into one specific area. As with the sample above. The sphere also had the ocean inside it moving, but the combination of the ocean and the sphere created too much movement.

It give the image an alien or even magical appearance.

We created this in Photoshop. (Hint: If you drop an animated GIF into Photoshop you will see how it was created).

With cinegraphs you always want the viewer to wonder how the concept was achieved.

Are you wondering? If so please let us know in the comments below and we will tell you.

The Creative Tablet Staff

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