Spiritual Poster Designs

The Poster Designs of H. John Johnsen
All are designed in Photoshop CS5-6 - RGB color - PSD & JPEG files. The posters are being completed within the months specified with the original dates in the PSD and JPEG Exif files. More will be added as they are completed and are only on this website. The older designs are below and they come up to the top as recent ones.
I find myself being more influenced by my creator to continue designing. Being involved in advertising/marketing/design for years I know that normal poster creation can take up to one week for copy (deciding on the proper words), fonts (the style of the text), art (locating the right art/image)and design completion. Being a designer I am aware that poster design is not easy for one or two but for this many with each one being different from the next is spiritual for me. These are taking a day or two for several so divine intervention is definitely at work.
The ideas are coming to me on a daily basis and I write them down before I forget. My pad is filling up with rough designs and ideas and I am enjoying designing them. I hope you also enjoy them and you can use them for personal use only. No commercial applications please. If you want them for commercial purposes please contact me at: john@thecreativetablet.com. Since all my work is copy written as a design - permission to use commercially is absolutely necessary.
NOTE: For the nonbelievers (God believers, science thinkers, atheists and anyone else) you can also enjoy the other posters made for the social issues going on in the world and hopefully make it a better place for all.
To see the images larger just click on one and a viewing window will open. Just click on the left or right arrows to scroll through the images . Enjoy and let me know what you think. And if you like them post any of the images on your social media site with a link to this page please. Thanks, H. John

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Completed September 2018

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Completed End of 2017

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Check back because I will be posting the continued and definitely interesting story as things develop. Let me know what you think. I like comments and critiques. Thanks, John