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Stencil also has an array of pre-made illustrations and symbols that have been artfully created for architecture, interior, industrial, and graphic design. That makes it easier to do multilayered sketches and images.


If you like a real world facade or street sign, you can take a photo, set the contrast, and then transform it into a stencil that you can use repeatedly. You can use it to bring a sketch, floor plan, section drawing, or background image to life.

  1. Trace. Essential to any design or creative process, allows users to instantly draw on top of imported images, or background templates, layering comments or ideas to generate immediate, intelligent sketches that are easy to circulate.
  2. Exhibit. Allows you to securely and beautifully display your high resolution images in gallery or kiosk format on multiple iPads and iPhones.
  3. Board. An essential part of any creative process or presentation, allows users to effortlessly layout, collage and illustrate with a series of photos, images, sketches and annotations to generate beautiful and informative boards that are easy to share.
  4. Frame, the ultimate stage for any image, allows you to unlock your image’s hidden beauty and creatively merge multiple photos into exciting collages that are easy to share.
  5. Crit, allows you to effortlessly message comments, annotations, markups, and ideas over photos, images or sketches to generate clear discussions with others.
  6. Journal. Never lose an idea again. Whether you sketch daily or occasionally, inspiration strikes us all at the most unexpected moments. Journal allows you to effortlessly record, organize, sketch and brainstorm ideas along with photos, images or text to capture and develop your most important thoughts.

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