Sending Out Resume’s? Try This Instead.

Sending Out Resume’s? Try This Instead.

Just found this on-line and figured this guy has a great pitch for his work. Bring the beer! Not only is it creative, but it is also a hobby.

My hobby is art, design and interiors. Guess I could send some furniture…only kidding.

Beer Resume

A creative resume is very important for catching the eye of potential employers—Canada-based web and graphic designer Brennan Gleason has definitely gone the extra mile with his “Resum-Ale”. A home brewer in his spare time, he decided to showcase his professional work with a specially designed beer carton that holds bottles of his own blonde ale—the resume is printed on the box while each of the four bottle labels feature a piece of his work. Gleason has also gone into the details with this self-promotion project, and has put his striking logo on the bottle caps. If you are looking to hire, wouldn’t you love to receive a box of this Resum-Ale?

[via Dribbble]

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