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Secrets to Using Colors in Advertising and Design – Part 3


Store Environments

Store interiors of many other thoughts to consider when choosing colors.  Color choices should define and accentuate the interior of the store without detracting from the impact of the merchandise.  Architecture will also play a part in the color decision.  For instance; a high ceiling can be brought down with darker colors — and a dark color will also help to conceal any unattractive lighting fixtures.  Narrow walls can be widened by using light colors.  The merchandise can also help to determine the colors.

A high-tech store should use bright color walls and a dark ceiling — while kids stores may suggest some bright, primary colors.  Neutral color (beige, gray or off-white) backgrounds can accentuate the merchandise.  Dark color carpeting is preferred even though it absorbs the light.  It will hide the dirt due to customer traffic.  Pictures can be used and colors in a neutral wall color palette and brightly colored graphics (signage) will attract attention for every you place them in the store.  Neutral backgrounds can also be made exciting with touches of bright colors.

The Best Colors to Bank On

Use colors that make customers feel comfortable.  Your target audience might be older adults, so you may want to use the more warm and comfortable colors.  Each situation requires a different plan of color action; while economics and geography play into the equation.

For example; a bank located in a wealthy neighborhood would want to consider using Hunter Green’s; while another bank in a working-class neighborhood should consider beige’s and light colors.  Look at your target audience — are they wealthy, young, middle class or older adults and keep in mind that colors are learned and inherited from childhood.

Look at the colors of previous years.  Look at the events surrounding our lives and you may notice an emerging color trend.  Today the color is green once again due to the emergence of the environmental movement.

When working with colors always go back to the fundamentals of color psychology to figure out which ones work best with your service or product. This choice will mostly depend on who your consumer is and their environment. Of course; stay away from trendy colors because they are always falling out of favor.

The next post will be covering advertising and marketing with color.


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