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Secrets to Using Colors in Advertising and Design – Part 2

Like many designers we feel we understand color enough to put it into logo designs, brochures, web sites and never think about the colors ramifications in the advertising and marketing field.

Colors need to be viewed in the area of the business and where and whom it advertises to in order to create sales. Using the wrong colors can be devastating to a business, so you need to be aware of color choices and be sure they fit the business or products.

Birren Faber is the color expert that came up with the following color breakdowns and his work has helped revolutionized the color industry.


Red: you have aggressive tendencies.  Ambitious.  When you aren’t happy do not understand the reason.  Vigorous.  Impulsive in your mood and actions.  Caring and passionate.  You’re good and bad feelings are easily swayed.  Deeply sympathetic and born optimist.  We’re quick to judge.  Loyal to one me.  Unhappiness seems a natural rather than actual.  You have an inability to understand your shortcomings.  Hard to be objective; your periods of great relation followed by manic depression.

Maroon (Wine, Burgundy): Your passion is tempered by conscience, ambition and strength whittled down by struggle.  Your not reckless with friends and they have fewer mental problems; but you are saddled by harsh circumstances.  A trifle self conscience and less friendly to others than they are to you.

Pink: Unique to wealth and social and financial advantage.  You are an incurable romantic with a tendency to hide your inner feelings.  Talented.  Sympathetic toward persons less fortunate.  Have had a sheltered and indulged existence.  You crave affection book may be frightened by your intensity of passion.  Charm.  Softness and worked.  Not particularly mental, spiritual and physical but you are likable.

Orange: Get along with old people and have an easy smile and glib tongue.  Want people to like you.  Adventurous.  Good-natured.  Dislike being alone.  Love companionship but are undependable as a mate.  You defer to the opinions of others.  Gregarious and charming.  A hard worker but not impressed by too much seriousness in deep thought.  Rarely have serious mental problems.  Euphoric.

Yellow: Nervous drive.  Self-fulfillment.  You are an idealist and intellectual.  I minded with lofty dreams.  Love contemporary and challenging things.  Profound philosophy.  You have a controlled temper.  Craved admiration and respect and or a safe friend and reliable confidant.  Think things through with care and conviction

Green: Balance and normality.  You are a respectable neighbor.  Sensible to social customs and etiquette.  You like to keep up with the Jones’s.  A caring companion.  Superficially intelligent with minor neurosis.  When under stress you experience great anxieties high moral sense.  Kind and generous.  The appetites for food gossip.  Constantly in need of friends and friendship.  Upper-middle-class, educated and reputable.

Blue-green: Exacting and discriminating, sensitive, fastidious and high opinion of self.  Unable to maintain an unselfish love for anyone else.  They will tutor childhood.  Sophisticated and self-assured.  Helpful to others without needing gratitude or reward.  Excellent taste in clothes combined with charming manners.  Commit to deeds that would cause others to feel great guilt.  Respect and admiration are expected and taken for granted.

Blue: Conservative, acceptance of obligation.  Use reason for selfish and self justified purposes; but are sensitive to others and self.  Secure with your passions.  Unrealistically demanding.  You are social but prefer your own close circle of friends.  Virility is more mental than physical.  Have a need for admirers who will surrender to their char’s.  You are trusting in need to be trusted.  For stronger social attachments and are deeply hurt and betrayed a reliable and loyal friend (true blue).  Conscientious worker.  Success comes from patience and perseverance rather than exuberance.

Purple: Vain.  Polite to the right people.  Sarcastic at will and need discipline.  Arranger of situations to force adoration.  Super sensitive.  Non-impressionable.  You have conflicting traits.  Highly temperamental but seldom historical.  Talk openly to intimate friends.  You presume a lot of authority.

Brown: Substantial and all the earth, dependable, conservative by nature.  You don’t like showiness.  At definite views and a subtle sense of humor.  Brain is slow; but she were in weaker moments become vindictive.  A good money manager.  In times of stress develop paranoid tendencies.  Uncomfortable about losing control.  A good marriage partner and parent.  You have a keen sense of duty.  Family life is important.  Able to surmount most obstacles without much change and refuse to shirk responsibilities.

White: Innocence and simplicity.  Your knee and have an immaculate home.  Critical and fussy.  Self-sufficient.  Occasionally innocent.  Honest and eager to let the outside world control destiny.

Gray: Cautious and noncommittal.  You are practical and calm but dislike attracting attention.  You have a desire for contentment.  Willing to work hard.  Conservative, composed, cool and dedicated.

Black: Dignified and mighty.  Sophisticated and mysterious.  You are neither a state nor Center.  Lead a different life in public and in private.  You like to play a game of wits and cleverness.  Feel quite removed from the ordinary.

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