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Secrets to Using Colors in Advertising and Design – Part 1

This is a 4 part series of Secrets to Using Colors.

Color.  We live with every day; but for the most part is so second nature we don’t realize it is controlling our lives on a daily basis.  Color influences our decisions with clothing, the products we purchase, how we see the people around us and even our living environment.

Think of the world without color.  What do you see?  Maybe I should ask… what would you see?  Everything would be in black and white.  But with color we see nature’s handiwork and how our home and office relaxes us with the many colors we enjoy.

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Of course many of us probably have no idea how color truly influences our environment.  Were you aware that certain colors can attract the opposite sex?  If not; they would be no surprise that a battle might ensue when trying to decide on room colors with a friend or spouse.

Consider the problems we would have without the right color choices.  Imagine blue instead of red traffic lights.  Colors also keep us safe.  The red stop sign.  The yellow warning.  Why crosswalk lines and many other items.  Yes; colors are essential to our lives.

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And there are the issues of color-blindness, cultures and how they are affected by certain colors area did you know that a white Carnation indicates death in Japan.  Certainly the web is also affected…with its multitude of color problems.  How?  Everyone’s computer screen as different color settings; so while some see blue, others may see purple.  Have you ever ordered a product on-line in your favorite color only to get the item in a completely different shade or not even the right color?  Of course it could be the shipping department; but the culprit is probably your computer screen.

In the next posts we will cover the most important parts of color that include psychology, cultural issues and marketing and advertising.

Please let us know if you have some post ideas. Thanks.

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