Secret Art of Animators Show in September

Secret Art of Animators

The Hive Gallery in LA has announced a show of some great animators to be displayed starting Sept. 6-27 and curated by Stephen Holman and Josephine T. Huang, producers, directors and creators of stop-motion animated series Life With Loopy (Nickelodeon), The Bite-Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich (Disney Junior) and Phantom Investigators (Warner Bros).

This should prove to be a very good show, unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to my location (East coast).  But if yu are in the neighborhood you should stop in and check-it-out. There is a small $5.00 suggested donation.


Some of the many exhibitors:

  • Martin Cendreda, animation director and animator for South Park, The Problem Solverz, and The Fairly OddParents.
  • Carol Wyatt, production and color designer for The Simpsons, Rick & Morty and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends.
  • Matt Forsythe, character designer on Adventure Time.
  • Facundo Rabaudi, visual development artist and model maker on How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, The Croods and Shrek.
  • Tory Bellici, model maker on Star Wars: Episodes I & II and on-screen star/presenter on Mythbusters.
  • Stephen Chiodo, Chiodo Bros., animation director and puppet fabricator on The Simpsons, Tim Burton’s Vincent and Elf.

Please let me know if you attend and how it was. Thank you.

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