Robert Chang Studio

Robert Chang Studio

Here are a few images of where Robert Chang creates his great art and photography.

Robert: The photos are of my entire creative studio, which includes music, art, photography, writing, etc. Everything creative I do in that studio. Just because the music/audio gear is the most visible doesn’t mean that’s all I use the studio for. I write all my novels in there, but you wouldn’t know unless I told you. I do all my digital art there as well and also all my photography dark room work. I do not do any analog visual art anymore and that is why you don’t see a drafting table with drawing/painting tools–those are all stored away in my garage now, since I’ve been 100% digital for several years now. In the photos, you can also see shelves full of books on art, music, writing, directing, etc.

In visual art, I mainly teach these days–a online workshop called “Becoming A Better Artist”:

Outside of teaching, my current main creative focus is on writing novels and have been for the last three to four years.

Robert Chang Studio 1

Robert Chang Studio 2

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