How-To Resize Images Without Photoshop + Video

How-To Resize Images Without Photoshop + Video

If you are looking for a way to resize multiple images I would recommend Perfect Photo Suite 8 by OnOne.  And no …we are not affiliated with the software company. I just like the software and its capabilities.

I first saw in in an NAPP (I am a member) Photoshop show and saw how simple and easy it is to use for masking and find it easier then Photoshop. Then I found that it resizes photos just as easily. You can choose multiple images and it will go through them one at a time.

Of course it does much more then just masking and resizing. It have loads of filters (more then I could use) and black and white conversions.

It is not free, but they have a 30 day free trial, so why not give it a try:

Let me know if you test it out and what you think.

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