Photoshop & Illustrator Calligraphy

Photoshop & Illustrator Calligraphy

We found this and wanted to post it because it has a lot of great information on making your own calligraphic type designs.

1. Sketch out your idea for the letters and scan it into PS. Or draw it directly if you have a tablet.


2. Open your sketch in Adobe Illustrator and choose the Paint Brush Tool. Now open the brush palette ( Window – Brushes ) or press F5, Double click on 2 pt. Oval brush and then use these setting:
Angle = 45 – Fixed
Roundness = 10% or lower – Fixed
Diameter = Try your best – Fixed


3. Make new layer above the sketch layer and trace the sketch. Now you are ready to write calligraphy, make new layer above the sketch layer, and trace the sketch.


4. Refine the path shape with “Direct Selection Tool”. You don’t have to do this step, if you already have a smooth shape.


5. Open your PNG file in Photoshop. Change the Calligraphy colorĀ  to white color by using Image – Adjustment – Hue/Saturation and then set lightness to 100%. Create background layer and fill it with black color using the paint bucket tool.


6. Create new layer and name it Shadow; and place it above your calligraphy layer. Right click on the Shadow layer then choose Create Clipping Mask.


7. Now, we will make the shadow, and you must brush manually to make 3D effect. First you must make selection, and I recommend you to use Pen Tool, because you can make the shape of your selection easily. After you create the shape with Pen Tool, right click and choose Make Selection, set Feather Radius to 0.

8. Select the Brush Tool and choose the Soft Round Brush (standard Photoshop brush). Now, brush slowly in the selection area with black color.


9. After you done with your brush, remove the selection by pressing Ctrl+D; or right click and choose Deselect.
Calligraphy9 Calligraphy10 Calligraphy11 Calligraphy12
Repeat step 7 to step 9 to your another shape, you must use your feeling to place the shadow and you’ll make cool 3D effect.

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