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The following designs are Photoshop fun composites done to work on exploring Photoshop and how the tools work. The best way I have found to learn Photoshop is to play around with the tools. You need to experiment by trying to do composites and using a lot of different elements but have fun doing it. Remember it is NOT a competition but a learning experience. Find a few free images on a site like and see how creative you can be. Don’t go crazy trying to find the right ones. Just pick a few that can be put together like a scenic background and maybe a couple. Keep in mind the shadows, perspective, and noise (enlarge the image and you will see the noise or grain). I have posted several I have completed for fun. If you have any question or comments let me know. John The Creative Tablet
Capital Storm

The Capital Storm

This was a last minute thought after watching the TV news. It seems there is always something brewing in Washington and how appropriate for a storm. The original image is in the bottom right . The rest was pen tools and brushes.

Mountain Ships

Not sure how this one got started except to say I thought about Noah’s ark in the mountains. I needed to locate various type of ships in color. The image of the mountains was also stock. The most critical part was to make the ships look old and be sure of my shadows.

Streets of New York

Streets of New York

This image was harder to do because of the busy background. Separating the cabs from the image too a little time. Then deciding what to do wit the background was easy. Now I can see that the perspective is off.

The Towers

A little sci-fi time-travel thinking. This image required several stock photos to composite. Getting everything together took a decent amount of time. Of course I am not sure how those vintage planes got into that dimension.


Dearborn Ford Historic

I decided to try my hand at photo restoration and found out it is not as hard as I thought. You just need to take your time and using the clone stamp is extremely helpful (that’s a hint).

Shuttles Escape

I got this image from Kennedy Space Center after visiting the site. Wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. Then I came up with it being used as planned…in space. The original images are at the bottom right. Brushes for the starbursts and motion.

Shuttles Escape
Couple ReTouch

Couple Re-Touch

I was in Facebook when I found a request for someone who could fix this image. There were a lot of suggestions but no real help. It couldn’t be re-shot due to health issues of the customer. I decided to give it a try. The object was to remove the glare on his glasses. It was necessary to put back the parts that were no longer visible. How did I do?

Space Background Layers

Space Background

This was going to be used on my website but I decided it wouldn’t work as expected.

The idea was to show that freelancers can work anywhere…even on the moon.

Connecting the different layers took time and some cloud brushes. The transition needed to be flawless as if you could see from the beach through the clouds to the moon.

The laptop was added at the end since working on the beach is actually fun.


Space Background

The Slicer

This was going to be entered into a PS contest but I decided not to at the last moment. The idea was to create a poster using one of the Photoshop tools as the main item.

The image is actually one of my photos this way I wouldn’t need a release. The rest was using brushes and FX tools.

Woman Skin and Tone

I received this from a cell phone. The image was not great anyway but it made it harder to fix.

I brightened it and altered her skin tones to clean it up a little.

My advice practice if you want to restore images it’s the best way to learn.

Woman Skin and Color

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