Organizing Layers in Photoshop

Organizing Layers in Photoshop

The one thing I learned early on was to be sure to keep my layers organized. Why, because as you add more layers it can become a problem to locate the ones you want to work on. I was working on a composite project and have many layers (35) – for me that was a lot. I left them unlabeled so they came in with their original label (2123432.jpg, image1.jpg, etc). When I needed to change an item I had to search through each one to find the right one. That was a real pain and time consuming.

Now I label everything immediately.

Organizing LayersThe image above shows a composite and layers. Each layer is labeled to correspond to the each item. The center image is the final composition and only shows some of the layers due to screenshot size.

Organizing Layers 2

I marked the image to show you that each item corresponds to the main image and is very easy to locate quickly for changes, alterations or removal. If you label everything your workload will be much easier.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you set-up your layers differently.

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