Is Your Creativity Sleeping? Get More Now!

Is your creativity sleeping? Are you a design freelancer? Or are you someone who wants to be creative? How many times have you picked up a pencil to create something, but come up with nothing?

Wake Up Your Creativity is a Kindle book that can help with many different ways to access your creative nature. It is said we are not born creative, but you can become creative with this book. The chapters have many different ways to explore your creative abilities and you may be surprised at how creative you can become.

H. John Johnsen is a freelance designer and has been in advertising and marketing as an Art Director and Creative Director. He has poured his years of creative experience into this book to help freelancers and anyone that wants to bring out their creativity.

Have fun with this book. It is not a school textbook, but a book that is very easy to use. Some chapters are short and others are long depending on the techniques included. This is also because a lot of books included unnecessary filler words to grow the page count and make you think you are getting a lot of material.

But when you remove the filler words you really have a small book. Filler words are not used in Wake Up Your Creativity to get right to the point of each chapter to help you quickly.

In this book, you will read creativity how-to’s, tips, tricks and even creativity quotes to build your confidence.

Looking for your creativity or new ways of being creative? Start reading Wake Up Your Creativity.

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