Image Formats for Designers

Image Formats for Designers.

Vectors – Images that can be reduced and enlarged and still maintain the same resolution. These can be made in Adobe Illustrator.

Rasters – These are fixed proportions that when enlarged and reduced (or visa versa) will loose their original resolutions.

For more details on Raster and Vectors look for the post on Raster Vs Vector in PS and AI.

JPEGS – This is the most common image and is easily imported into many programs. Reducing their size could cause a loss of detail.

GIF – These images are frequently seen on website banners or are animated. They can also help on websites to avoid long load times.

PNG – This format is good because it can have a transparent background and can be resized without too much loss of quality.

TIF- High definition images are usually in this format and there is not much of a loss of detail. But do not use on websites due to the size and load times.

PSD – Images that can only be opened in Photoshop, Illustrator or the Adobe Suite.

EPS – Is usually reserved for Adobe Illustrator and other deign programs.

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