Image Crazies Bashing Photoshop

Image Crazies Bashing Photoshop

Seems like lots of people have nothing better to do then to search everywhere for Photoshopped images, but not just Photoshopped – only bad Photoshop.

Not sure why the craze, but I hope it is only temporary and everyone involved gets on with their lives. I am sure some of it is for search numbers for their sites. Of course, I could be wrong about that. I noticed the articles and posts are not really slowing down and there seems to be an attempt to give Photoshop a bad name. If celebs want to make themselves look better then that is a psychological issue for them not the world. Of course some really need the revision and they will show up in public looking pre-Photoshopped unless they stay hidden from view.

My opinion. Photoshop is a great product and if artists, celebrities or agencies use it incorrectly or do a crappy job then why make a big fuss and give crappy Photoshop work attention in the media? Get on with your work and life and let it be.

As I said…it is my opinion.

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