Hue & Saturation Boosting in Photoshop

Hue & Saturation Boosting in Photoshop

I have an image I purchased from Dollar Photo Club that I wanted to try to see what happens when you try to boost a specific color in Photoshop. This is not the same as using the hue and saturation to alter the whole image.

Here we are focusing on specific colors. You can use the image below on for practice.


Dollar Photo Club Image

Go to Windows > Hue Saturation. Now choose the specific color you want to alter. The drop-down list has all the colors possible. Move the hue-saturation slider to see the changes until you get the color preference.

Creative Tablet -Hue-Saturation 1

Here I moved the Hue level all the way to the right and completely changed the colors of the buildings.

Creative Tablet - Hue-Saturation2

Now I changed the color of the boat because it was way too blue (in the original image). I chose the Blue from the drop down and then moved the Saturation slider to the left to lighten the blue color.

Creative Tablet - Hue-Saturation3

In this image I wanted to keep one building it’s original color and change all the other ones. To do this be sure to have the mask layer highlighted. Now choose a soft brush. Be sure to swap your foreground/background colors and make the foreground color black. Now paint over the area you don’t want affected by the color change.

In the image below I painted over only the yellow building in the circle and altered all the other buildings in that color range. For this example I started with the original image. You can see that the masked area of the building kept it’s original color and the rest toned way down. Compare this image with the original one I started with.

Creative Tablet - Hue-Saturation4

You could get some very interesting results and I would suggest you play around until you get the results you want.

How Would You Boost The Colors? Let Me Know.

The Creative Tablet.

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