How to Brand Yourself

How to Brand Yourself as a Freelancer + How-to Tips

Branding is an important part of any business and it sets you apart from all the others. So, be sure to get it right and brand yourself just as you .

1. Visuals

Let’s start with visuals because it’s the thing most people jump to when the word “brand” is bandied around.

Visuals aren’t just limited to your logo, though. In fact, there are loads of different elements that go into creating a consistent brand that people can recognize just by a simple color or symbol (the golden arches, anyone?).

  • Your logo: Obviously, your logo is important. You want to choose a symbol or text-based logo that reflects your business and who you serve. For example, if you’re a health writer, you probably don’t want a pink logo in Comic Sans (NO ONE should be using Comic Sans anyway folks!).
  • Your colors: Similarly, you want to use colors that evoke the emotions you want potential clients to feel when they see your brand. Want them to feel like they’re in professional hands? Try a dark blue. Want them to feel inspired? Use yellows and oranges.
  • Your fonts: You got it, your fonts should also reflect your business (remember folks, please for the love of everything, no Comic Sans!). If you’re positioning yourself as a business writer, you want a sleek and stylish font, whereas if you’re writing for the beauty industry, you might want something a little more decorative.
  • Your images: Very few people consider the imagery they use, but this should also reflect your brand. Will you use pale images? Vibrant images? Images with a filter on?
The main thing to remember with visuals:

Keep it consistent! If you choose a font, stick to it. Likewise, with colors and images. The quickest way for someone to lose sight of your brand is to mix it up too often (I know I’ve been totally guilty of this in the past).

That being said, when you’re just starting out, it’s worth experimenting a little with your visuals until you find something that you really love and feels reflects your brand. And if you’re not sure? Simply ask your ideal client. Send them a few questions about your brand, asking things like:

  • What three words do you feel describes my brand?
  • What were your initial thoughts when you landed on my website?
  • How did you feel when you were browsing through my site?

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