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Here Are Some of The Changes Coming to TCT

We are diligently working on the new site changes to The Creative Tablet in the background and wanted you to know what we are doing. A little sneek-peek into the work.

There are many changes coming, but since we have been around for a while it’s easier to alter the existing site then to use a completely new template. We want the site to help Freelancers/Independents workers get more help and information then just a list of articles and posts.

The new sections are as follows:
1. Freelance Growth Camp
2. Learning Podcasts
3. Test Your Creativity
4. Help & Critique
5. Your Library
6. Forum of Creatives
7. Podcast Interviews
8. Skype Call Scheduling

These sections are designed to help your personal and business growth. In the coming days we will post information about each section. While some sections are still being developed others will go live once each section is completed.

Also; we are looking for those that would like to help upcoming and existing Freelancers that need help with creativity or their projects. If you are interested volunteering your time please let us know. You can use that on your resume to show prospective clients that you are a caring and community minded Freelancer. contact us at with the subject matter line “Help”.

Please pass this information on the your friends, so they can also get in on this. Remember…Sharing is caring.

The Creative Tablet Staff

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Check back because I will be posting the continued and definitely interesting story as things develop. Let me know what you think. I like comments and critiques. Thanks, John