Great Source of High Quality Images

Great Source of High Quality Images

Everyone who works in PS, AI, Corel and other design and drawing programs love to have stock photos at their disposal for inspiration. Many times you can check on-line, but there is usually not the right one for your project.

Now you go to other sites to purchase photos and the larger the image the more it costs. Not anymore!  Dollar Photo Club offers similar and in many cases the same images for one dollar ($1.00). That’s right $1.00 for any size photo, vector or illustration.

Dollar Photo Club

I have purchased images that are 4000 x 4000 and larger for $1.00. Why is the larger size better? You can make any alterations that you can’t make on the 500 x 500 sizes and you can’t up-size the smaller images.  Check out the other sites and see what they are charging $5.-8.00 or more?  You join and can cancel at any time. How can you beat that deal especially if you are looking for images for websites, design and advertising.

Why not check out their wide range of images? You will be surprised and inspired.

As a PS and AI user I love to have images I can use for inspiration and extract parts of them for compositions. Let me know what you find.

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