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Inky Deals for Designers

A Great Resource Library of images, vectors, styles, brushes, web items, textures and more from one source…InkyDeals. I have this and it contains more items then I could probably use, but you never know what you may need. Questions…just post a comment and I will respond.

It is not free, but the price is way lower then you would expect for this amount of items. The textures alone would take lots of time to download from sites. I have 50 files that contain at least 20 textures each. So…lets see…that is 1,000 textures! That is just the textures.

I could go on, but you can check it out for yourself at: Inky Deals     And if you decide to purchase it use INKY2013 for $5.00 Off . If you hurry you can get 30% Off by Feb 28th using SPRINGMADNESS.

Why am I promoting this you ask? Because it is the best way to get all these items at one time then to go searching through the internet and downloading from individual sites.

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