Graphic Design Pricing Issues with Clients

Graphic design pricing issues with clients.

How many of us have had issues with pricing our graphic design with clients?  We all know that client’s are looking for the best amount of work for their dollar. So how can you keep a client happy with the amount you propose without lowering it and loosing money?

Easy. Set-up a payment plan so they don’t have to shell out the total amount immediately. Here are a few ideas I have used in the past:

1. Monthly payment plan. Depending on the amount you can break it up into monthly amounts to make it seem more palatable.

2. Use the Thirds method. I think most of us use this already. Break the total amount into thirds. The first third upon contract approval. The second halfway through the project. And the final amount upon completion.

3. A Discount. This incentive will get the client to pay much quicker if they know they will begetting a lower price. You can give a 10% discount if paid within 30-45 days.

4. Accept credit cards. Today everyone is accepting credit cards so why not you? It is an easier transaction and simpler for the client. Paying by credit card is not the same as handing over a check. The check is much harder to part with.

Be sure to have all of the payment options you use in the contract before doing any work. You do use contracts right?

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