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At The Creative Tablet we like giving back and the community of freelancers is the first place we thought of doing just that.

Freelance Help

This is how simple it works.

  1. Figure out what subject in your business you need help with other than legal (that is for an attorney) or financial issues (for an accountant).
  2. Send us the question through our email address:
  3. We will send you an answer within 24 hours or sooner (as long as its not a holiday).
  4. You can then respond back to the answer or use it in your business.

We want to see the freelance designers community grow and prosper and feel by helping with questions we can make it better.

No questions are silly or stupid so send them and we will do our best to give you an answer that is going to help move you forward in your freelance business.

We know you have questions so feel free to send them.

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