Freelancing Tips and More

Freelancing Tips and More.

Each month we will be posting 2 new tips for those who are or want to freelance. It really doesn’t matter what business, because the tips are for any type of business. They are geared towards client relations, billing, publicity, portfolios and more topics.

We are also putting together a PDF that will contain all of the tips, so you can get a copy by simply signing up for our monthly newsletter. And don’t worry. We don’t and don’t want to share you information with anyone else.

Don’t Want to Wait? And I don’t blame you…who does? Keep reading…

Just sign-up and when the completed PDF is ready you will get a copy or you can get a tip every other week. OK…you ask…where do I sign-up? Look to the right sidebar (or column) and you will see The Creative Tablet Newsletter sign-up form.

We certainly hope you enjoy the tips and it gets your business moving forward or more forward if you are already moving.

The Creative Tablet.

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