Food Photography – The Pro’s Guide


From foodies to top chefs, the culinary culture is a trend that’s here to stay. And, riding on its tails has been a massive opportunity for professional photographers. Unlike ever before, magazines, restaurants, bars, bloggers, artisanal producers, and recipe sites are craving top notch food imagery from skilled food photographers.

In The Professional’s Guide to Food Photography, read in-depth interviews from food photographers succeeding in this specialty, including tips to break into the food photography industry, inspiration for creative food photography projects, and a look at shooting in-house for Bon Appétit. Also learn tips for capturing great food photos, plus how to build a portfolio to attract the food photography clients you want. Download the guide today!

Created in partnership with the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the guide shares in-depth interviews from established food photographers and provides tips to help you:

  • Break into the industry and attract the clients you want
  • Lock in editorial clients
  • Think outside the box for creative food projects
  • Shoot in-house for a publication like Bon Appétit

Speaking of “attracting the clients you want,” check out how food photographer, Evi Abeler, is doing just that (in partnership with pastry-chef Albane Sharrard), via their blog—

Get The Professional’s Guide to Food Photography here.

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