Extraordinary Planet of The Apes Design

Extraordinary Planet of The Apes Design.

I just got this from Adobe Inspire magazine and I am still wondering how much time it took to make this image. With all the pen strokes and lines I am confused looking at it, but the final results are extraordinary. Orlando says he used only vector points, shapes and linear gradients to make this complex illustration and no tracing.




Here is a link to Orlando’s Behance page so you can see the details in the work and ask yourself “how did he do it?”

What I do know is the art was done on a Wacom and using Illustrator CC. To me it looks like a mirror image, but it had to be thought out before starting. So, did he do a sketch on paper or go directly into AI and start working? I will see if we can get an interview to answer some of those questions.

If you know, please send me an email or comment here to let others know.

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