Don’t Search for Typefaces or Paste Copy

From the headline you are probably wondering what I am writing about. I have been around for a while in the design/advertising industry and seen some very cool new tools for designers. ColorMunki to calibrate is one of them and there are others I can’t think of at the moment that make design work easier and quicker.

Anyway this is about a new – not yet released pair of products from one inventor/designer that I think is a time saver in many ways.

The first one is for figuring out what type face you are looking at in any medium. Yes. In any medium. How many times have you seen typeface you liked, but were not sure which face it was. Or you are on-line and the same thing happens.

I am pretty good at knowing typefaces, but more and more are coming out, so it is getting harder to keep up. Now you don’t have to.

This new device make it a click away. How does it work? Simple. Just type your words in the copy area of your design on your computer/tablet. Now find a typeface you like and then place the device over the top and click. The typeface on the screen instantly changes to the one you just clicked. This saves time having to go though lots of different faces to find the one you want.

Or a client says they want to change the typeface after the work is done which is a pain in the butt. Just get a copy of the preferred font and automatically change it in your copy. No more having to copy and paste. Just click and its done.

Now you can find a typeface and “Voila” it is in your design. Selecting typefaces made easy and very quick.

This one is called “Spector” and here is a video on Vimeo to see it in action:  https://vimeo.com/171945692

Getting back to the copy and paste thought. The other device does just that “Copy and paste” and it does it quickly. This device is called “Mimo” and it has several small buttons that look like post it strips and fits into your hand.

With this device you find the items you want to copy. Place the item over the item and push the slider down. When you wan to paste it you push the slider up. No more highlighting and hoping you get all the information or getting a load of stuff you don’t want.

You can see Mimo on Vimeo also: https://vimeo.com/171945986

Let me know what you think and if you have any thoughts about improving it that you could let Fiona O’Leary know. This link is to her website. She is currently working out any kinks or issues to be sure it is working properly and accurately. After all accuracy is what designers need and require to do a great job.

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