Don’t Promote Your Freelance Business Without These 15 Ideas

Don’t Promote Your Freelance Business Without These 15 Ideas

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We have written this list of ideas you can use to help get your freelance business moving forward. Some of the ideas are probably familiar to you established designers, but not to some of you beginners. We hope it helps everyone and brings in a lot of business.

1. Referrals
This is something many freelancers don’t even think about…asking for a referral from business associates. You can even give them something in return such as a small-fee or discounts on services if it leads to a contract.

2. Show Yourself.
Being active is the best way for others to see who you are and what you do. Join the Chamber of Commerce and go to the meetings armed with your speech and lots of business cards. Go to social gathering site to see if there is anything going on in your town that you could attend. This is an area that you have to be outgoing and not a wall-flower.

3. Design Consultations
You may see this as a way of giving away your expertise, but it is really showing potential clients that you know what you are doing and can help them with their graphic or design needs. Of course, you don’t have to give away a lot of information just enough to get them excited about your working with them.

4. Walking Advertisement.
You are your work. Let everyone know that. How? By having a t-shirt made with that information on it in a clever way. If you are not good at copy ask someone who is to help you. I look at t-shirts for business as something that should be a little fancier then the standard white ones. Perhaps one with a simple collar. You have to remember you are on display. Also; have a lot of business cards to give out.

5. Advertisement Hunting.
One way to find clients is to look at advertising if your field. Check the internet, local mailers, junk mail to see how you can improve on what you see and present some ideas (not designs) to see if it attracts interest. You have nothing to lose and could find a new client.

6. New Business Hunting.
New businesses can be a good way to finding new clients. If you see a new store in your town go in and drop off your business card. You may thing that they already have the design, but never know who is looking for additional design help.

7. Your Portfolio.
This is a very important way to get new clients. The portfolio tells potentials what type of work you do and gives them information about you. There are several ways to get it seen. Post your work on portfolio sites, make a CD that you can put in the mail and one you can email. Be careful with the email part because of the spam rules. Also; consider sending out post cards to local retailers and businesses describing your services.

8. Sending Thank You’s.
This is something you should automatically do if you get a referral. Send the person who gave it to you a thank you note. Don’t type it. Hand write it on a nice card and put it in the mail. Oh yeah, forget about texting it too.

9. Write for Blogs.
If writing is part of your expertise you should contact blogs that have similar interest. Contact the site and find out if they would accept your articles. If so, be sure to include a link to your website or portfolio, so the readers can see your work. You never know who is looking at these sites that could need some design work.

10. Find Partners.
This will take some research, but could lead to a lot of design work. Look for people who work in your field, but do different work then you do. For instance, if you are a web designer look for a copywriter or graphic designer and partner with them. You will need to have a contract to do work to be sure there are no issues down the road. Or, you can bill the client individually for your services if agreed.

11. Promotional Products.
This is an area that will keep your name in front of prospective clients. It is not free, but not too expensive. Promotional products can be calendars (keeps your name in front of the prospect all year if it is nicely designed), pens, etc. They are printed with your business name and you can leave them at meetings, social events or trade shows as another method of promoting your design business.

12. Simple Video.
Video as we all know is something that can go viral if it is attention getting. If you are creative you could produce a simple sales video with a clever twist to attract attention. What kind of twist, well that all depends on your type of business. You are creative, so you can think of something clever.

13. Website Design.
Today a website is probably the best way for prospects to see your work. So, you want the site to be attractive and not cluttered with any outside ads or banners. Keep it clean and simple. Remember that flash will not be able to be played on some devices, so you may want to find an alternative such as jQuery. If you have a website, use a QR (quick response) code on your printed material that will take prospects directly to your website.

14. Voicemail Message.
Here is an area that may be overlooked for some simple advertising. The voicemail. Craft your voicemail to give a quick and simple ad about your work such as: “This is Bob the designer that can help with your creative problems.” Of course, don’t use this. You need to be a little more creative and clever.

15. Volunteering Services.
A good way of giving back to your community is to give away your services to a non-profit or group that could use that work. They may be planning a fundraiser that could use some great design work. Check with friends and family or neighbors to see if anyone knows of a business that needs some new or updated design work. Let them know you will do it for free, but would like them to give you a testimonial, post it on social media and referrer you to others. You never know who may be part of that organization that may be looking for a designer. Besides, giving back is always a good thing to do.

We are writing more so check back for the rest of the list when it is completed.

Do You Have Any Other ideas? Post Them in the Comments.

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