New Year 2016

Don’t Miss New Upcoming Projects for 2016

2016 is almost upon us and we are getting some new projects moving forward for the new year and wanted to let you know about them ahead of time.

  1. We have started new “Freelance Interviews Podcast” of artists and designers. So, watch our podcasting page for those interviews. Click Here to hear our other podcasts. and, if you know anyone who will want to be interviewed (including you) please let us know by email.

  2. “It’s Freelancing Timeā„¢2016” is a series of professionally written PDF’s to help get your freelancing business moving forward and growing. They were written by our John Johnsen. He is a advertising/marketing professional what has been in the business for over 25 years and his expertise is there to help you succeed. Keep an eye out for the timer that will display the countdown for when you will be able to get a free PDF.

  3. Our bi-monthly “Creative Tablet Newsletter for 2016” will include new articles, interviews and other information for your business. you can sign-up on our home page. Just fill-in the form on the right.

  4. A project of Highly Specialized and Designed Cards titled to help creatives. We are still working on the project and will let you know when it starts, so you can be in on this exciting new project. If you are interested in learning more send us an email.

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