Don Seegmiller Interview

Don Seegmiller Corel Painter Interview.

Don Seegmiller is an accomplished artist and Corel Painter pro and been given his own issue.  How many artists do you know that have their own how-to book?

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Thank you to Don for taking the time away from his busy schedule to do this short interview.


1. How did you learn Corel Painter?
I learned Painter on my own. I bought the very first version, a Calcomp tablet, and started painting. It helped that I had a strong background in traditional painting. The first few versions of the program did not have layers and other features that we take for granted so it was an experience that was fairly close to painting with traditional materials.

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2. What is your favorite brush or brushes?
I tend to use custom brushes that I create for a specific project or piece of art. Many are based loosely on one of the default brushes included with Painter while others are completely new creations. I think that when used correctly, image hoses are some of the most powerful and underused brushes. I like them a lot. I would guess that my favorite default brushes are the Digital Watercolor brushes. I use as few different brushes on any individual painting as possible. This speeds up the workflow and avoids strokes that look out of context with the rest of the painting.

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3. Do you have a favorite technique?
I usually paint over scanned sketches. While it is not a problem to draw on the computer I would rather draw with a pencil on real paper. When I decide to paint a sketch then I will scan it, open the sketch in Painter, and often start blocking in the basic colors and values using Digital Watercolor.

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4. Do you use a tablet (Wacom)?
Yes, I use Wacom tablets. I have several tablets and two Cintiqs. I will be getting a Wacom Companion later this year.


5. What or whom inspires your work?
This was a much easier question when I was younger. I have quite a few favorite artists. Now days I really don’t have any “favorite” but love a wide range of styles and talents. I find I can learn something from just about anyone…..including my students.


6. What would you tell beginning artists about getting started in illustration?
This will sound like a broken record….but, learn to draw! Everyone, including myself, think we draw better than we do. Drawing is fundamental to all the visual arts and if you can draw better than the next guy, you are more likely to get noticed. Secondly, learn to paint traditionally before you start painting digitally. Doing it the other way is not as successful and will take more time. Traditionally you will learn a process that can translate directly to the computer. Without a process you may actually be able to create something that works on a computer but you chances or replicating those results with consistency is almost non-existant.


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Don is also a teacher: He teaches senior-level illustration, traditional head painting, figure drawing, and digital painting courses at Brigham Young University, as well as online undergraduate and graduate courses at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

You can view more of his art at his website: Don Seegmiller

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