Digital Watercolor Painting in Corel & PS CC

Digital Watercolor Painting in Corel & PS CC

I am still learning how to use parts of Corel Painter, but am not using Adobe CC. I feel it is unnecessary, since I already have PS CS6 Extended. So, I watch videos and learn how I can apply the techniques to the programs I already have. Sure there are new advancements, but that is just circumstantial to my work.

Below is a great video that will give you ideas and techniques to use with Corel and PS plus the Wacom tablet.

The Wacom is a device I am very happy I purchased. It makes working with details much easier and drawing more fun then a mouse. If you can afford one you should get it, but only get the medium size since it is transportable and doesn’t take a lot of room on your desktop. You will be glad you did.

Hope you enjoyed this and came out with some new information and techniques that will further enhance your creative art. I know that I learned several things that are making it much easier to do work in these software, but I still love Photoshop and guess I always will.

If you have any ideas for using Corel or any other software please let me know and I will post it with your name and your website for credit.

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