Did You Know? 5 Hidden Photoshop Tips

Did You Know? 5 Hidden Photoshop Tips.

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That Photoshop has some hidden tips and tricks to make work easier. It seems that when I work in Photoshop I overlook different tools and don’t experiment with different options. I am guilty of just wanting to get the idea down before I start thinking of another one. Or I get so caught up in the project I don’t think about anything else.

Well if you experiment you can find some things you probably didn’t think about before. My suggestion is to take a little time (30 minutes to and hour) and do some experimentation.

Here are a few hidden tips:

1. When you use a tool that has an opposite tool within its tab you can use the ‘options’ or ‘alt’ key to toggle between them. The Blur, Sharpen tools are all on the same tab.

2. Want an easier way to change the location of a drop shadow? Just click and hold on the shadow in the image and move it around.

3. The Opacity in the layers panel changes the layer effect, while the Fill layer only changes the layer.

4. Interface Brightness. Use the Shift + F1 or F2.

5. To switch between Bridge and Photoshop use Shift + Control + O (not zero).

Will be posting more soon as they are discovered. Let me know if you know any “Hidden Photoshop or Illustrator tips”

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