Creative Tablets Josh Rossi Interview

Creative Tablets Josh Rossi Interview


We saw Josh Rossi’s work and loved his techniques and composition. We were not sure how it achieves the fantasy images, so we figured “Let’s interview him”. The most interesting thing about Josh is his workplace… a bus. Not just any bus, but a custom one all decked out with equipment and gadgets.

Here is the interview and some of Josh’s work:

TCT: How did you learn your specific design/art software?

Josh: I first learned Photoshop by playing around with it until I problem solved and achieved the effect I wanted. I never really took any courses. I learned from occasional videos online. Mostly though I would experiment and that’s how I learned Photoshop.


TCT: What is your favorite software tool and technique?

Josh: I do a lot of dodging and burning to my images to create what people call “The Josh Rossi Effect.” Dodging and burning is a tool used to darken or lighten certain parts of an image to create contrast. Create a blank layer above your image and change the blending mode to soft light. Paint at 20% opacity and use a black and white soft edged brush. Now start painting on that layer and see your image come to life.


TCT: Do you first sketch on paper or design directly into the program?

Josh: When I’m thinking of a complicated shoot I usually will sketch it out first.


TCT: How long does it take to create a simple design (We know there are many aspects, but a rough idea)?

Josh: It can take anywhere from 10 hours to 300+ hours to create my images.


TCT: What or who inspires your work?

Josh: Illustration and renaissance painting inspire my work. I love color and story and those 2 art forms really get my mind thinking about my next projects.


TCT: What is your creative process or how do you come up with your illustrations?

Josh: To come up with my images I first think of a basic idea that is compelling such as an intense story with emotion. Then I start creating images in my mind of how to interpret it. Once I FEEL an image then that is when I create it.

Custom Bus

TCT:  Any suggestions for beginners who want to do illustrations?

Josh: If you are a beginner go watch some free tutorials at and those will help you get a foundation for image design.

Bus Interior

TCT:  Anything else you would like to add to inspire our readers?

Josh: Don’t limit your creativity even though you might not have the perfect equipment. Let your ideas run wild and then figure out a way to create them.

We want to thank Josh for taking the time to consent to this interview.

Check out Josh’s work: Website

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