Creative Tablets Dueling Commercials?

Creative Tablet Dueling Commercials?

I like watching commercials to learn what everyone is creating on the advertising end. There are times when I am surprised by great commercials and those that are less “creative” in my way of thinking.

Recently I saw a commercial that was similar in a lot of ways to another I saw a while ago (almost a year?). I know. I can retain images for a while and sort of file them away. Anyway…I posted this for the ones who want to learn about advertising and to be very careful about copying work of others.

Here is the commercial I first saw and liked:

Las Vegas 2014

Agency: The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is charged with marketing Southern Nevada as a tourism and convention destination worldwide.

Now…here is the recent one:

Kohler 2015

NOTE: this video was just recently terminated after I get the links from You Tube and I didn’t even get to post this article, but maybe you saw it on TV. The couple were dancing through time while the faucets and scenery changed. The video was terminated due to copyright infringements…infringements? Or trying to hide copying the Las Vegas one? You decide.

Not sure if you are thinking the way I am, but the transition is the same. From one time to another. Seems as though the Kohler commercial copied the format of the Vegas one. Even the dancing through time with upbeat music is similar.

You would think that since Kohler spends $23 million on advertising they would have their agency (according to Adweek; Kohler hired Arnold, NY) create something different. Of course I am not sure if it was Arnold, but Kohler should be checking the work.

Let me know if you have an opinion with commercials. Do you think they are similar? Different?

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