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We will be posting podcasts about Freelance Design and Marketing to grow your business. These podcasts are being produced and will be posted when each one is completed. Sign-up to find out when each one becomes released in the form to the right.

Subjects will be about: Tips to grow your business, Dealing with clients, Knowing what clients think, Self-promotion, Why you are failing at business, design and art and many others. Our podcaster is the Creative Tablet writer and advertising/marketing retired executive – John Johnsen. He was in the business for over 25 years and has vast knowledge of the operation and growth of the design business.

We will also have a forum/chat for those who would like answers to questions or even to just add their own opinions.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts and they help you with your business success!

Suggestions for other podcasts welcomed. Please email us: Podcasts

CLICK HERE to access the Podcast PDF Transcripts.

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