Creating Multiple Stars in Illustrator

Creating Multiple Stars in Illustrator.

Creating a group or path of stars for the holidays can make your design more festive. Drawing a group of stars can be a little confusing if you are just learning Illustrator. Here are step by steps to help you along.

1. Go to the rectangle tool and find the star image.
2. Place the star cursor on the artboard and drag it to the size you want. Make any size adjustments before going to the next step. HINT: Hold down the ‘alt’ key to get the perfect shaped star. Illustrator automatically creates an sloped star.

3. Create a duplicate layer and drag the other star across the board.
4. Select both stars (see image above).
5. Go to Object and choose Make. A window will open giving you some options. Check preview.

stars 2
6. Now on the drop-down choose “Use Specify Steps” (see image above).
7. Decide on how many stars you need for your design.
8. You can also choose a specific distance in the drop-down.

It’s that simple and you can also do the same thing to create stars on a path by going to Orientation and choosing path (see image above).

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