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Corel Painter 12 & Learning

Creative Tablet Light Bulb

I am getting more into Corel Painter 12, but need to learn a lot more. I guess you might think it is easy to paint a picture, but for me it would be much easier to use real tools. But I keep hacking away to learn and do as much as I can.

Here is the latest thing I learned: Straight lines. I know- who can’t do straight lines. It is different in each program. Keep in mind I am a PS and AI guy.

Click the Straight Line Strokes icon or click the V key:
Click at the beginning of the stroke.
Click and hold near where you want the stroke to end.
Then drag to the exact point where you want the stroke to end and let go.
Click again to continue the straight line stroke at another angle.
Click the V key again to begin a new straight line stroke.
Click the B key to return to freehand strokes.

So if you didn’t know that now you do and I hope it helps.

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